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Study alongside your job – advice for you

Studying while working can be a big challenge. To stay motivated and not give up, here are some tips and tricks.

How does part-time studying work?

A part-time study program is completed independently from your job. It is not a dual study program, where work and study are connected.

Reasons for studying alongside your job

There are many reasons for beginning a course of study while working. studying can advance one’s career or help one earn a higher salary. It can also serve to start over completely and discover a new career field. For example, you can earn a master in management degree while working as a florist.

Tips to stay motivated

  • Support

To succeed in a part-time degree program, one depends on support. One can get help from the partner so that there is enough time to study, while the household is taken care of. The partner can also motivate one again and again. Friends and family can also serve as support. If they are up to date and know what your goals and dreams are, they will understand if you sometimes don’t have time to hang out. If friends and family also have dreams that they want to put into practice, you can motivate each other to stay focussed.

  • Have a goal in mind – set intermediate goals

One thing you should never lose sight of is why you started studying. The “why” is important in order to overcome the struggles everyone has to face while studying. A plan for the next five years can stimulate motivation. A plan of what you want to achieve in a year also provides additional motivation. It is helpful to write down the plan and the small steps that will bring you closer to your goal. The plan should be hung up in plain sight, so you never forget which dreams and goals you have.


  • Learning times

Fixed study times make it easier to integrate your studies into your everyday life. Learning times help not to sink into chaos. A study plan helps you to keep track of your studies and to reach your goals. If you have a full-time job, it’s a good idea to study before going to bed or to set your alarm clock a little earlier and complete the first study unit in the morning. Waiting times and train rides also lend themselves to learning units. Even if it is not necessary to study every day, you should maintain a certain regularity.

  • Breaks

Breaks are also important, otherwise the brain cannot process the material. The breaks should be included in the learning plan. During these breaks, you should not do anything for your studies, so that you can really recover.

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