Wrath of the Lich King – Perfectly prepared for a new adventure

WoW Classic is going into the next round and the expansion Wrath of the Lich King will be released later this year.
Don’t miss this guide and learn how you can earn proper WoW WotLK gold.

It’s no secret that one of the most important resources in WoW WotLK is gold.
Equipment, consumables, mounts – you have to pay for all of them.

So that you don’t start your journey unprepared, this gold guide will show you ways to get the coveted metal quickly.

Planning is the be-all and end-all

Think about which professions make the most sense for you and your main character.
Be aware that collecting professions alone won’t get you anywhere.

Start farming materials from the Classic and TBC periods now.
Just like you, the other players will have to level up the new profession. They will depend on your resources.

Level up your twinks as well. They are most suited for the gathering professions.

Farms, farms and more farms

Raw materials are one of the most important sources of income, especially in the early days.

Ores and herbs sell quickly and at good prices, not least due to the newly introduced profession of “inscription lore” just mentioned.

That means you have to farm to get these materials.
For this, it is helpful to take a close look at the farming routes and follow them.

The main focus in the beginning should be on all the herbs that can be converted into marine ink.
This happens when you grind herbs like nettles, or ice thorn and get azure pigments.

Selling Consumabels for profit

After you have been able to increase your gold by farming, it is now time to produce healpots, buff food and vials.

As you know from other addons, every player and guild wants to finish a raid first. What is needed for that?
That’s right. Consumables.

Through your preliminary work before the launch of WotLK Classic and during the leveling phase, you are now able to craft everything that the raid groups need.

Afterwards you sell it in the auction house.

Bridge dry spells with solo dungeons

You know it. The boss is down, the raid is cleared, you have to wait for the next big patch or the next expansion and you can only get a little gold through consumables.

What can you do about it?

Simple – Grab your main and go with him through vanilla and TBC instances, as well as raids.
Here you can get a considerable amount of gold per boss, but you should also take everything you can loot and sell later.
The rule is: there is no junk. Someone will surely buy it.

With all these tips, you will accumulate WoW WOTLK Gold and thus be ready for WoW: WotLK Classic.
Just in case, download various addons to farm and multiply your gold today.

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