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Biotechnology – The technology of the future

Biotechnology stands for a wide range of processes, methods and products and can basically be regarded as a collective term for them. The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) defines biotechnology as the application of technology and science to living organisms, their models, products or even parts of them. In this context, the modification of non-living or living matter is researched in order to expand the state of knowledge regarding the production as well as the provision of goods and services.

The possible applications

The use of biotechnology companies cannot be limited to one area as the fields are very diverse. In these companies, biotechnologists research animals, humans, plants, microorganisms as well as tiny molecules and cells. The application of biotechnology has been used for a very long time. People have been using living microorganisms to make wine, bread or beer for many years. In modern biotechnology, molecular biology is now also used very specifically.

In the 18th and 19th centuries, the foundations of microbiology were laid for this thanks to growing knowledge. It was during this period, for example, that they discovered the first enzymes as biocatalysts, or that bacteria were capable of helping to produce active medical ingredients.

New findings

Particularly in the case of typical widespread diseases such as cancer, diabetes or cardiovascular diseases. New findings have enabled scientists to discover a variety of new approaches to treat certain diseases even more efficiently. Likewise, the side effects of treatment can be reduced or certain diseases can even be cured. Thanks to biotechnology and the knowledge of proteome researchers, the causes can be combated in a more targeted manner.

Biotechnology can not only improve the application possibilities for classical medicine. It also opens up completely new options through your knowledge. Such biotechnological processes can help to discover more effective target structures and thus to develop and use drugs according to a person’s molecular biological structure, which is also known as individualized or personalized medicine.

Surveys are conducted annually in Biotechnology Company. It has been proven that the field of medicine is one of the most important application areas in biotechnology. It is successfully used in the development of new therapeutic approaches as well as in the production of drugs.

The development

By the end of 2017, a total of 274 biotechnologically developed vaccines and drugs had already been approved. And the number is increasing every year. These are developed in special bioreactors, here animal-derived cells or microorganisms successfully produce the desired compound. In most cases, these are protein-based drugs such as hormones or antibodies. These are active biomolecules and can only be produced in their form by cells or living organisms. Reproducing the whole thing chemically would not work.

The fact that cells as well as microorganisms can nowadays be genetically modified in such a way that they can produce a desired biomolecule with precision is thanks to genetic engineering. Thanks to this form of production, drugs can be produced annually for millions of people who suffer from diabetes, for example.


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